Friday, June 15, 2012

Art Reflection

Art Reflection

Vincent Van Gogh was a famous painter who painted the Night Cafe. He wrote to his brother Theo about it. Van Gogh said himself it was one of the worst paintings he had done out of all his paintings. So Vincent said next that “It was a place that one can ruin oneself and they can commit crimes”,because it was an underground pub where people get drunk and get into bad ways.

The things that I think look  similar between my replica and the original, is the pool table and the Indian man standing next to it. I think the Indian man looks the same because on his body he has a white gown and his head. He is just standing next to the pool table with his hands in his pockets. The pool table looks like the one on the actual painting, because it stands out from all the rest. In the pool table there are three pool balls and the stick nicely set up ready to play.

There are lots of differences in my replica and the original, but I’m only going to share two and that is the Lights on the ceiling and the clock on top of the doorway. I think the lights are different because they don’t really look the same and they not really that big. Some my light that I painted don’t have any connection to the ceiling.

The clock on the doorway does not look anything like the one on the actual painting. It looks like a hole in the wall. I think it does not stand out from the rest, it is the second worst thing in the whole painting.

Vincent Van Gogh was angry trying to get back at himself. He said “ It was an ugly painting”. I think painting is beautiful but Vincent thought it was an ugly painting. The painting is telling some people that not to go out and get in to dumb situations. That is what I think the painting is telling us.

I thought it was a really realistic and it wasn’t ugly.If he said it was ugly he must of been an all time best artist. Thats my Van Gogh Replica

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