Saturday, May 21, 2011

Swimming Time

Mr Marks led us to the YMCA Lagoonfor our swimming lessons, as I got more excited, I was definitely hoping that I was in the large pools. Sure enough, I was. I went zooming past as Mr Marks said “go Starford”

It was my turn to get in. My teeth were chattering as I slid into the chlorinated pool, and cold water stung me all over, I was FREEZING!

As I pushed of the wall I went glidding through the water, looking stragiht up at the roof. I golped some water and I started to cough. Finally I reached the end and me and my friends were glad we made it.

“Yay” I said to my friends, we moved on to freetime and we started playing some wrestling im the pool. Mr Marks told us It was time to get out and get changed

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