Friday, April 1, 2011

Around The Bays

Yesterday there was a marathon around the the bays in Mission Bay , Around the bays is when people run 8ks for fitness. Abundance of people were there and I didn’t know anyone apart from Lorenzo! I looked at the clock and we had ten minutes left and I was nervous.
10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, BOOM!!! The cannon shot out gun powder and off we went. We ran with excitement in us! Suddenly I stumbled over the rocks on the ground and I got back up and kept running. Me and Lorenzo looked straight ahead and saw the first water station “Yaaaaay” We had a couple of drinks.
We’re over the bridge and finished our drinks, me and Lorenzo hit halfway and we started to fell tired and we really wanted some water. So I sped up to see if I could see some water and I did. “Lorenzo I found some water!” I shouted out, But it was cold juice even better!! After that We got to Mission Bay and we went though a shortcut in the sand.... “I'll run in the water” I said,so I ran through and my shoes were soaking.
Finally me and Lorenzo were close. We were really puffed out! Some kids tried to bet me but I just gassed it at the end and they got beaten and my time was 47 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Hello, our names are Jess, Soph and Casey and we are studying at Canterbury University to become primary school teachers. We thought that your blog on your race that you participated in was awesome! Good on you for 'gassing it' at the end and beating the others who were trying to get in front of you!

Keep it up!

Mrs Tele'a said...

Good for you Starford! I like how you explain what around the bays is before telling us about the race. I think it's great that you've competed at your age. I'm much older and still yet to try it out. It sounds like a lot of fun and hard work. All that league and rugby training must of helped you to get through to the end. Well done Starford.

Lorenzo k-B said...

Hi Starford,I like your story that you wrote. I liked it because you told us what you and I did and that was cool!

Keep it up!!!!