Thursday, November 12, 2009

Everybody's Makin' It Big But Me

We had been reading lots of stories about the Big Bad Wolf. But was he really that big or bad?
He always got caught or beaten in the end. In fact we felt a bit sorry for him.
Room 12 wrote these lyrics and made this film from the wolf's point of view.
It was shown in the Manaikalani Film Festival to day.
Wolf - Ahsin
Little Red -Shoal
Rapunzel - Makalita
Prince 1 - Kobe
Prince 2 - Starford
Woodcutter - Crusader
Jack - Gabriel
Pigs - Kingston, Dante and James
Granny - Rita
Singers - led by Rita


Mubasshira said...

Hi Room 12

I really liked your movie it was FANTASTIC!!!. It was also hilarious. The best thing I liked about it was when the wolf locks the granny up in the cupboard and when the woodcutter strangles the wolf. That was my favourite bit. I hope you make more movies that are so hilarious. Good Job.


Asena said...

Hi room 12 what a great movie.I really liked the song because it has intersting words.keep it up.

Uili said...

Hi Room 12
I liked your movie because Ahsin couldn't blow the the three little pigs house down. from Uili

Mrs Burt said...

This was a wonderful movie Room 12! Everything about it was fabulous; the singing, the lyrics you wrote, the acting, the costumes, the editing AND the very smooth presenters on the day. Well done to you all. I have to especially mention Ahsin though because he makes me smile EVERY time I watch your film (and I have seen it lots of times now!).
Congratulations Room 12. You made me feel very proud.

Gabriel said...

Room 12 to good.
Weight lifting,?I dont think thats your thing wolfy.

keep it up.

Gabriel year 4 extension group

Room10@Ptengland School said...

Kia Ora Room 12,
Your movie was great. I really enjoyed watching the acting. It was really funny when the big wolf was trying to exercise and when he was being strangled by the woodcutter. Great movie!

Miss Lavakula

Storm Room15 said...
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Laykin Room15 said...

Great work. You play a good wolf in this film.

Mrs Sigamoney TIS said...

Hi Room
You conveyed an awesome message in your video. Loved the wolf.You told the story so well with your acting and a lovely song. Great job!

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Wow! That was a super movie! It was very entertaining as well! You guys are so talented in acting!

Mrs She

Anonymous said...

Well done Room 12 especially to my little girl Shoal aka Little Red, daddy wants your autograph :) keep up the great work and looking forward to seeing more funny movies. 5/5

Delwyn Jarman said...

Dear Room 12,

What an entertaining movie you made for the Film Festival. It was very funny and also very clever. That poor old wolf! He really was missing out wasn't he! Great music, lyrics, ideas and acting.
I'm looking forward to more of your amazing work.

Love from Mrs Jarman

marven said...

Sup room11

That was a cool movie
i like your dance

God Bless


Angela and Toreka said...

Wow! What a cool movie! We loved the song and hope you are going to enter at next year's film festival. Did you like our movie? It took a lot of work. Great work!

Angela and Toreka

spxroom6 said...

Your lyrics were very catchy, and understanding. We have studied Fairytales here at St. Pius a few years ago and we still remember lots of the stories. What a clever way to present your findings about The Big Bad Wolf.

Room 6 SPX

Room 3 PBS said...

Hi Room 12,

Your movie was funny. It was a good story to do a song on. We liked how you used different stories in your music video. We liked your singing.

From Room 3 PBS

Aidan said...

Hi Room12

I liked your movie because it was
very funny and
cool.One of the bits that I liked
was when the wolf got strangled by the woodcutter on little red riding
also I liked the song it very funny.

keep up the good work room12.

from Aidan

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 12

I enjoyed watching your cool movie. I loved the acting, singing, and costumes. Ahsin you are a very talented actor. I thought it was pretty clever how you all presented this movie from the wolf's point of view. He does get a pretty rough deal in all of the fairy tales, doesn't he?

Well done Room 12!
Mrs Lagitupu

Carlos said...

I really liked your movie. It was FANTASTIC!!! It was also hilarious. The best thing I liked about it was when the woodcutter strangled the wolf. That was my favourite bit.I hope you make more movies that are so hilarious. Good job From Carlos.

Joshua,Aidan. said...

Hi room 12,
We like your movie.
Well there is always next year
to have another try.
keep up the good work.
god bless.
Joshua Aidan.

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Kobe said...

I liked making this movie. But I didnt like dancing with a girl.

Huelo-ata said...

WOW,Your movie is really funny.I like the part when the wolf was trying to blow the house down. Huelo-ata

Robert said...

Hi room 12 and 13.
I like you'r movie it is so funny.
I like when one of the boys pushed
the fox.I hope you you make another movie like that.
from Robert

myohtat said...

Hi i am from glenbrae school i realy like your movie.!