Friday, June 19, 2009

Dinosaur Mix

Rita has been learning about different types of dinosaurs and has mixed them all up to create her own invented dinosaur. She has described each dinosaur to tell us about what is special about them.

In her writing Rita has been thinking carefully about the words in sentences to make them clearer for the audience. Can you hear which ones have 1 clause, and which sentences have 2?


Makalita said...

Hi Rita i like your dinosaurs and your pictures.
by Makalita

Huelo-ata said...

WOW Rita,I like the pictures and the background

Brooklyn said...

Hi Rita

WOW Rita great animations.Are you sure you did that all by your self?How did you draw that triceratops even I couldn't draw one like that and cool invented dinosaur.

by brooklyn

Sophie said...

Hi Rita,
I like the strange dinosaur that came out in the end when you put them altogether and it was really colourful. I really enjoyed watching and listening to it.


SHARON said...

Hi Rita
what a great animation that you have done. You have lots of cool infomation about the Triceratops and the pteradactal. Well keep the good up Rita and I hope I see another animation that you have done.

Bye for now